Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The Junction is a platform intended to help the early childhood community in making informed purchasing decisions about products and services that allow us to best support the children and families that we serve. It will allow for users to provide feedback to vendors and contribute to the overall improvement of products and services in the early childhood education market.

Because this platform depends on the contributions of users for its success, we insist that all users respect a set of community guidelines:

  1. Be constructive.
    We understand that not all experiences with products and services are positive, and thus expect that some reviews will be negative. We expect that all opinions and feedback will be constructive and in service of the goals of the platform. 

  2. Be respectful.
    We ask that everyone be civil. Whether positive or negative, reviews should respect that there are actual people on the other end and that we are working towards a shared goal of improving products and services that help us serve children and families.

  3. Be specific.
    The more information provided about a product or service in a review, the more useful it will be for those reading it. We recommend sharing at a minimum, specific details about:

         - the product/service being reviewed,
         - the relevant time period,
         - the context that it was used in.

    For example, whether the training you're reviewing was attended last week or last year. Or, whether the curriculum you're reviewing was used with a majority English-speaking population or majority non-English-speaking population.

  4. Be appropriate.
    This means no spam, trolling, discriminatory comments, information about illegal activities, or offensive material that is not appropriate for work. We reserve the right to make determinations on the appropriateness of any content.

  5. No personal attacks.
    We are a community of openness and acceptance, we will not tolerate less.

  6. User reviews are personal experiences and opinions.
    User profiles feature the name of the organization the user works for, but this does not mean that any user reviews come with the endorsement or consent of the organization. Reviews are the opinion of the user only.

  7. Reviews may not be used for self-promotion.
    Vendors may direct others to view their ratings or reviews on The Junction, but they may not replicate or in any way use information outside of this platform.

Help us.

If you see something that you believe violates these community guidelines, please report them directly to us at

We reserve the right to remove content that does not respect the community guidelines. Those who frequently and/or flagrantly disregard these guidelines may be removed from the site.